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5 Easy Ways to Get More Customers With Pinterest Pincodes

Pincodes are FREE visual marketing tools, which help customers discover your products and your brand. And they’re REALLY EASY to set up and use as long as you have a Pinterest business account.

Introduced by Pinterest in November 2017, they direct customers straight to your Pinterest page or Pinterest board, showcasing your brand and your products. No need to send a link or explain how to find you on Pinterest, simply give them a Pincode!

Did I mention they’re really easy? All you need is Pinterest and a printer. Let’s look at what they are first. Then we’ll check out some great ideas for how you can use Pincodes to promote your business and step through how to create Pincodes in less than 5 steps.

What are Pincodes?

Pincodes look like this:

Take customers straight to your Pinterest boards with Pincodes! Simple, free Pinterest marketing tools for business.

Well, they don’t look exactly like this. The image you see inside the coloured dots will be different. Plus, if you look closely, you’ll notice the dot pattern is different on each Pincode. But you get the gist, right?
  • A Pincode is like a link or a URL to your Pinterest, except that you don’t click on it.
  • Pincodes are images that link directly to either your Pinterest business profile or one of your Pinterest boards. You can create heaps of different Pincodes. The image above links to one of my boards. You can select any image from your chosen board to appear inside the circle of coloured dots, as long as you own the rights to the image.

They work in a similar way to QR codes. At the bottom of the Pincode are instructions on how to scan the Pincode image. You simply open your Pinterest app on your iPhone or Android phone (not available on tablets), tap the camera icon (aka Pinterest Lens) to the right of the search bar and point it at the Pincode. Pinterest then takes you directly to the board or profile behind the Pincode.

Tip: if you have a newer model mobile that uses long presses, you can simply long press the Pinterest icon, choose Pinterest Lens and point it at the image.

Pinterest Lens on Mobile

5 Ways to Use Pincodes to Get More Customers

Here are some of the cool ways you can use Pincodes to engage your current and potential customers.
  1. Have the Pincode for your Pinterest profile printed on the back of your business card. Whenever you give somebody your card, they can simply scan the image and start following you on Pinterest.
  2. Print out a heap of Pincodes and send one with each item you ship. Your customers will love them and can use them to engage with your brand through your Pinterest board or profile.
  3. If you sell products at markets or pop-up shops, print and display your Pincode so anyone who browses or even walks by can scan it and remember your products for later. You could also use the suggestions above and below.
  4. Resize your Pincode to suit your mobile phone screen resolution (Google it) and save it as your home screen. Whenever you’re out and about, it can act as a mobile business card. Canva is a free tool that allows you to Upload and edit images. I created my Pincode home screen with Canva.
  5. Nordstroms in the US uses Pincodes in-store to help customers find gifts. Customers see the Pincode, scan it and are then presented with Nordstrom’s Pinterest board called Gifts Under $100. Customers can then choose the items that suit their budget and find them in the store.

    You could create a gift board, or something similar, and give the Pincode to your customers. You could also email it to your customers, use it in a Facebook post, add it to your Instagram feed, Tweet it... Whatever platforms you use, get it out there. If you have an e-commerce store, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun!
  6. Pinterest Pincodes in Use
    Image: Pinterest

Tip: Before printing a whole batch of Pincodes, do a test print to make sure the paper or card you use allows the Pincode to be scanned properly, so that it goes directly to your Pinterest profile or board. Some textured surfaces may distort the Pincode, making it not scannable.

How to Create a Pincode for Your Pinterest Boards

There are only a few steps to this. Let’s go!
  1. On your desktop, open the board you want to create a Pincode for.
  2. As shown below, click the 3 dots and select Create Pincode.

    Create Pincodes for Pinterest Boards. Simple, free Pinterest marketing tools for business.

  3. See how Pinterest uses the first pin image (below)? If you want to change the image, simply click Change Image. Pinterest will show you all the other pins on the board and allow you to select whichever you prefer.
    Take customers straight to your Pinterest boards with Pincodes! Simple, free Pinterest marketing tools for business.

  4. Click Download Pincode. Your new Pincode will appear in your downloads folder, ready to print.

How to Create a Pincode for Your Pinterest Profile

This one’s even easier!
  1. From either your phone or desktop, make sure you’re on your profile page. The one that shows all your boards and pins.
  2. Tap/click on your profile picture to make your Pincode appear.
  3. Tap/click on Create Pincode. Your Pincode will be saved to your Photos/Downloads or wherever your downloads are usually saved.

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Customers go straight to your Pinterest profile with Pincodes! Simple, free Pinterest marketing tools for business.


Want more customers? Get them on board with Pinterest Pincodes, that link directly to your profile or Pinterest boards. Print them on business cards or print them out and hand them out at events. Pincodes are simple and easy Pinterest marketing tools for your business. Read the blog for more tips on how to use Pincodes or pin this to read later.

5 Easy Ways to get more Customers with Pinterest Pincodes | Pinterest Marketing for Business | Pin2Win by LolaMackTake customers straight to your Pinterest boards or profile with Pincodes! The latest, free, easy-to-use Pinterest marketing tool for your business. Use your Pinterest Lens on this image to follow me on Pinterest.


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