FAQs – Pin2Win by Lola Mack


How Long Does Pinterest Take? 

Pinterest is a search and discovery engine. It uses criteria gathered over time to determine your level of authority and how far and wide to display your products or content. Although it takes time and effort to deliver results, once you have a well-established Pinterest presence, you’ll continue to build traction and traffic to your site for a long time. Results are also subject to seasonal variability. Unlike the here today, gone tomorrow nature of advertising, items you put on Pinterest will continue to filter through the ecosystem for a long time. 

6 months is usually a reasonable minimum timeframe to establish whether Pinterest marketing will be successful for your business. It’s rewards aren’t instant, but they are long-term. 

Will I Make More Sales From Pinterest? 

Pin2Win uses Pinterest to direct people who are interested in your product or content to your site, using a marketing strategy and techniques suited to Pinterest and your business.   

Sales happen after those people look at your site and are satisfied with your policies, images, descriptions, blogs, tone, branding, sales team etc. Not every visitor to your site will make a purchase, but you can analyse and learn from their behaviour and comments to refine their experience, so they want to buy from you. 

What ROI Can I Expect? 

Return on Investment (ROI) from Pinterest marketing will be different for everyone. No two businesses can expect the same results, due to seasonality, Pinterest strategy, volume of content/products, the Pinterest algorithm and many other factors. 

Pinterest is great for driving organic referral traffic to your site, which is what Pin2Win services cover. From there, the website (policies, information, tone etc.) and owner close the sale. You may decide to measure your ROI based on the number of sessions referred by Pinterest to your website, which is included in your monthly summary. 

If you decide to advertise on Pinterest, the ROI on your campaigns can be measured using the Pinterest ads portal, which will be different for each business.  

Website vs eCommerce Marketplace (Etsy, Amazon, eBay etc.) 

If you have more than one online store and are wondering which to market with Pinterest, there are several considerations. 

Your website is the place you have control over – it’s yours. Your website SEO will benefit from higher levels of traffic that Pinterest will bring. Pinterest ranks you highly as a pinner if you have a website that’s consistent with your Pinterest account. Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics provide better information about how Pinterest interacts with your website than with marketplaces.  

Online marketplaces are very popular on Pinterest and Pinterest is great for encouraging more traffic to your marketplace.