Terms of Service – Pin2Win by Lola Mack

Terms of Service

Pin2Win Services

Initial setup

  • Define the best keywords, pins and boards for your business
  • Create/optimise your Pinterest Business account settings 
  • Create/optimise a total of 10 boards, each with minimum 10 pins, optimised for your own products/services
  • Showcase your product/service at the top of your profile
  • Confirm your website with Pinterest, unlocking additional benefits for your business

Monthly Management – Competitive Package

The Competitive monthly management package includes the following services, carried out each month.

  • 150 Pins per month (about 5 Pins daily) to get your products, services and/or blogs in front of potential customers and engage them with other related useful content
  • SEO optimisation for your products/services/blogs, so your customers can find you
  • Set up a new or optimise an existing Pinterest board per month, to attract and engage a wider range of potential customers
  • Monthly success summary to detail how well I've been managing your account 😉
  • Email support if you have questions

Pinterest power-ups

As a subscriber to Pin2Win Management services you have access to our growing range of power-up services. 

  • You can purchase power-up services at any time during your subscription period.
  • You’ll receive an invoice for the requested power-up service(s), which will commence once payment is received. Power-up services are non-recurring and non-refundable.
  • If for any reason you do not have an active subscription at the time of requesting a power-up service, your invoice for the power-up will include a one month subscription to the Pin2Win Competitive package.

Agreement Terms

  1. The Competitive Management monthly subscription will be purchased in advance of services being provided.
  2. The cost of the monthly Competitive Management subscription is non-refundable. It is a month-by-month subscription. There is no lock-in contract. You may pause or cancel your service at any time simply by letting me know via lolamack@pin2win.co.
  3. Pin2Win uses the leading Pinterest scheduling service, Tailwind, to manage accounts. You agree to pay a subscription fee for Tailwind. Setup of this service is included in the Initial Setup fee. A charge of $25AUD will be added to each monthly subscription fee to cover the Tailwind subscription cost. The fee is subject to change, based on the Tailwind Pinterest Plus Monthly Plan pricing (shown in USD) and the AUD/USD exchange rate at the time of subscription renewal.
  4. View-only access to your Google Analytics data will be requested during onboarding. Pin2Win by Lola Mack will only access your Google Analytics data to gather and analyse statistics relevant to your Pinterest account.
  5. You agree to provide Pin2Win with your Pinterest login details in order to manage the account. To protect your investment in Pinterest, as well as Pin2Win’s credit card details and marketing IP, your Pinterest account will be secured as part of the Initial Setup service. Once secured, you will no longer have access to directly log-in to your Pinterest account. You have the option to continue to post to your Pinterest account, which can be requested when onboarding to the PIn2Win Service.
  6. Lola Mack and Pin2Win will only use your information for the purposes listed in this agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  7. All products will be pinned from your preferred website or shop, referred to as the Primary Business Platform.
  8. Content from others that complements, but does not compete with your own products, will be pinned to your Pinterest profile to help engage your audience. They will not be either optimised or made to seem like they originate from your business.
  9. If I notice that any of your products or services appear to be in breach of copyright, intellectual property or any other laws, I will notify you and decline to publish said products or services, but abiding by these laws is your responsibility and you are accountable for any repercussions – legal, financial or otherwise. You indemnify Pin2Win by Lola Mack and its agents from any responsibility regarding your products or services that may be in breach of any laws.
  10. Pin2Win makes every effort to ensure all content published to your Pinterest account aligns to your preferred style, colour scheme and target audience. However, limitations in the availability of suitably aligned content specific to your company branding preferences may prevent this. To the fullest extent permissible by law, Pin2Win by Lola Mack will not be liable for any loss of profits, revenue or goodwill relating to the content posted to your Pinterest account by Pin2Win or its agents.
  11. To the fullest extent permissible by law, in no event will Pin2Win by Lola Mack be liable for any amount which exceeds the amount paid by the client for this service.
  12. Due to insurance limitations, customers based in the United States of America, Canada or any of their territories acknowledge that by accepting this Service Agreement you also agree not to pursue legal action in any form whatsoever against Pin2Win by Lola Mack or its agents for any reason whatsoever. If you do not agree to this term, you must reject this Service Agreement and no Pin2Win services will be provided.
  13. This Pinterest Management subscription service does not include customer training. If you would like to receive one-on-one training, please contact me at lolamack@pin2win.co.
  14. You agreed in our onboarding discussion that you consent to Pin2Win by Lola Mack using information and screenshots from systems pertaining to the management of your Pinterest account, such as Google Analytics and Tailwind. Any stats used will exclude your business name, logo, URL and anything that links the data to your business. Stats will also exclude any monetary values associated with your business. 

Payment Terms

  1. Pin2Win Management Services are provided on a monthly subscription basis. 
    1. All subscriptions are month-by-month. There is no lock-in contract.
    2. An invoice will be sent for the first month's subscription payment.
    3. All subsequent payments will be automatically debited on the monthly subscription renewal date, using your chosen payment method.
    4. You'll receive an email reminder 7 days before your subscription renewal date.
    5. You can pause or cancel your service(s) at any time by contacting lolamack@pin2win.co.
  2. If payment is received by the subscription end date, your next monthly subscription will start immediately after your current subscription ends and your service will continue uninterrupted.
  3. If payment is received after the subscription end date, your service will be paused. Once payment is received, your service will resume within 5 business days.