Pinterest Marketing for Small Business | Pin2Win by Lola Mack
Pinterest PDF Guide Tutorial | Pinterest Marketing for Business | Pin2Win by Lola Mack

How to Get Noticed on Pinterest

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This Pinterest guide takes you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up Pinterest for your business. All of the Series 1 guides are included in this pack to get you up and running on Pinterest, and getting more traffic to your site. In this pack you'll learn:

  • different ways to search
  • all about Pins and the different types of Pins
  • Pinterest boards and the different types
  • how and where to set your preferences
  • notifications and how they work
  • how to use all the cool features
  • setting up your Pinterest business account
  • understanding keywords
  • how and where to add all-important keywords to help you get noticed and get more traffic to your website or shop
  • monitoring your site's traffic
  • planning your Pinterest boards
  • the different types of boards
  • how to organise your boards
  • different ways you can use your Pinterest boards to attract the right market
  • the different types of Pin and what they're used for
  • how to make your website or shop Pinterest ready
  • what, when and how often to Pin
  • how to make your Pins relevant and appealing to your audience
  • how Followers and the Smart Feed work
  • Pin Stats and how they help you
  • navigating Pinterest Analytics
  • other analytics tools
  • a glossary of metrics for easy reference


It's easy to read and has screen shots and examples to help along the way.

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