How to Set up Your Pinterest Boards | Pin2Win by Lola Mack
Pinterest PDF Guide Tutorial | How to Set Up Your Pinterest Boards | Guide 3 of 5 | Pinterest Marketing for Business | Pin2Win by Lola Mack

How to Set up Your Pinterest Boards

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This Pinterest guide takes you step-by-step through setting up your Pinterest boards. You'll learn about:

  • planning your Pinterest boards
  • the different types of boards
  • how and where to add all-important keywords to help you get noticed and get more traffic to your website or shop
  • how to organise your boards
  • different ways you can use your Pinterest boards to attract the right market

    and much more in this Pinterest Online Marketing Guide.

    Take a look at the image of one of the pages from the guide.

    This guide is the third in a 5 part set for Pinterest beginners. It is designed to teach you step-by-step how to use Pinterest and how to market your products on Pinterest. You can purchase one guide at a time, or take the more cost effective option of buying the whole Pinterest Starter Guide set.

    The full set of guides are:

    1. How to Use Pinterest
    2. How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account
    3. How to Set Up Your Pinterest Boards
    4. How to Pin on Pinterest
    5. How to Use Pinterest Analytics 
    6. How to Get Noticed on Pinterest (the full set of all 5 guides above)