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Pinterest Management Service for Small Businesses - Pro Package

Pinterest Management - Pro Package

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Marketing your own business is essential if you want customers, but who has the time (or the desire) to do their own marketing? You just want to create great products or great content, right?

If you're a small business owner who wants the amazing exposure and *qualified site visitors that Pinterest marketing brings to your site, I'll take care of it for you, leaving you time to focus on your business.

Your business will make an impact on Pinterest with the Pro Package, which gives you access to over 250 million monthly Pinterest users who are looking for new products, services and inspiration to improve their lives.

Included in the package are:

  • 10 pins every day or 300 per month to get your products/services/blogs in front of potential customers and engage them with other related useful content
  • SEO optimisation for your products/services/blogs, so your customers can find you
  • Set up 2 new Pinterest boards each month, so you continue to add value to a wider range of potential customers
  • Join relevant groups to boost your audience
  • Email support if you have questions
  • Monthly success summary to show off how well I've been managing your account 😉 and possibly even highlight important performance metrics and what they mean to your business

The best way to set your business up for success is to plan for an initial 6 month ongoing service. We've proven dramatic results time and again, even in the first months, but the business-changing results usually start happening after 3-6 months.

* Qualified site visitors refers to people who have seen your product(s)/content on Pinterest, read the description and decided to visit your website for more information and/or to make a purchase.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: To get the best results on Pinterest and to be truly effective, your Pinterest business account needs to be set up before using a management service. This is a one-off setup. I'll be in touch after you purchase this management service to help you choose which of these options you prefer:

*** All Pinterest Management services use a Pinterest-recommended scheduling tool, Tailwind. You are required to subscribe to the service and will receive the first month for free 👏🏼 using my referral link. The plan costs USD$14.99/month or USD$119.88 for an annual subscription. Here’s the link to their pricing

Email me at with a link to your website if you have any questions or would like to know whether your customers are on Pinterest. I'll give you an honest assessment, with metrics to highlight how many searches are performed each month on your products.